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Internet Loss On Dsl @ Specific Time

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I just got DSL for my Mac Mini. Once the Service Ready date approached (May 21), got hooked up and was on the internet in no time (thanks to some Verizon Tech support).
Only problem is....the Internet connection ceases at around 8pm (Pacific time) every day since activated. The next morning(s), they work fine all they way up till 8pm. I've contacted Verizon Tech Support every nite and was told my problem seemed new. Their possibilities were....1) power outage in my area, 2) make sure cord to phone jack was no longer than 14ft, 3)reboot modem. Checked all these and didn't solve problem.

Operating System: MAC OS X 10.4.11
Connection:BUILT IN ETHERNET, using DHCP
Modem: Verizon GT704WG
Browser: SAFARI

All my lights on the modem (Power, DSL, Ethernet, Wireless) stay on all day, except Internet light will shut off around 8pm.

Anyone got a clue?
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If the internet light goes off, it is because the modem does not see the connection from your ISP anymore, aka Verizon has shut off the internet to you. Being it is at the same time everyday, it is most definitely with them, and you need to keep calling them until they fix the issue.
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