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"Internet Explorer Pre-Cleaner: Ultimate Cleaner 2007"

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Is this spywear? because when i open IE i get that popup saying i should download it
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Where did you get it from?
the link didnt work

but i got some print screens anyway, i cant remember where i got it from, i think i was surfing some Command and Conquer site

i got some printscreens of it,

this is before i clicekd close:

and after i clicked close:

Edit** Link did work, just took ages to load up :p
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Hi Ruzzy..

this program comes under the genre of 'rogue-ware' as it makes security claims which are designed to part the user with their hard earned cash in order to pay for software.

Check here for more information.
soo, how do i get rid of these annoyances? anyone got any decent popup blockers? :p or would Zone Alarm help
A correctly configured firewall would indeed would real-time anti-spyware scanners.

In the meantime, have a look in Add/Remove programs for any references to the program plus run some freeware tools such as Ad-Aware and Spybot as they may help.

What kind of software do you have protecting your PC at the moment?
I have AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5


I'm trying to find Zone Alarm and some decent free Anti Virus, any help here would be appreciated
AVG do a free anti-virus scanner too:

Avast also do a free scanner as well:

Here's another I just found:

Personally, I don't think you can get better anti-virus protection than NOD32:

It's not free but does have a 30 day trial...if you decide to buy, it's a worthy investment :)

Plus on top of that lot, you have online scanners too which you can visit now and again for extra peace of mind:

Hope that helps :)
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Okay, ill download most of that >:) thanks for your help

TSF once again proves to be the best xD
No probs....don't have more than one anti-virus program installed at the same time as it can and often does cause serious problems. Perhaps try each one for a week or however long you want then uninstall and install the next until you find the one which suits your needs.

Multiple anti-spyware programs are not usually problematic though they can create a lot of false positive results.
Don't forget a personal firewall too. Without these and latest Windows updates your open to endless security holes.
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