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Internet Explorer Freezing ??

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Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone is having strange Internet Explorer issues ?

Just lately while filcking between tabs or going back to a previous page my little round vista working icon stops going round and then either IE tells me its not responding or then instantly it does !!!! seems slow too.

Now then, i have 32bit vista home premium, norton 360 and SP1 amongst other programs.

I recently formatted to clear my drive of a years worth of installs and uninstalls etc and the only thing different is i let windows update install SP1 this time.

I run virus checks regulally and only ever come up with tracking cookies, i defrag once a week too.

Only other strange thing i noticed is Media Player 11 sometimes tells me all of my writable dicks are full and then wont let the cd eject. Could be acociated or not...i dont know.

Hope someone can help, thanks for reading.


Soz about the spelling :rolleyes:
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