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Internet cuts out every so often

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Hi there, just registered user here. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, or if this issue's been covered already, but I haven't found any solutions yet. I'm also not exactly fluent with computers, so I'm sure there are some mistakes on here.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit on a Dell Inspiron 1545, using a wireless connection with a Verizon FIOS router and service, and for the past several months or so, my internet speed will just halt from time to time. It's not a sudden stop either, I'll be able to inform people I'm talking with that it's happening, and soon I'm unable to download or upload any information from anywhere. I'm signed out of instant messengers, disconnected from servers, and I can't load webpages.

The downtime will last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, and it will gradually return. No torrenting is going on, no downloads are happening anywhere on my network (as far as I know), I just have to wait it out. From time to time, there are even two in a row, having a few seconds of internet access before it's gone again.

I've included screen captures of some tracerts I've done during this 'lag spike' thing. I actually apparently time out to my own router. I honestly didn't think that was even possible.

I have plenty of HDD space, no processes begin taking up incredible amounts of memory, everything looks as though it should be working fine. No other computers on my network have this issue, neither the wired one or the wireless ones. Disconnecting and reconnecting to my router during these times will not stop it, I will reconnect and still be unable to access the internet.

I can't seem to find any solution for it. My antivirus programs don't find anything, and nothing else is happening that leads me to believe it's some form of malware, though I definitely won't rule that out. Would any of you guys be able to tell me what to do? Please be gentle if I got some terminology wrong or I'm completely oblivious to something here :)

Tracerts: 9c05e5e7a82e11dab136830c47ff6c35.png
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Hello berterus,

This is good to know.
No other computers on my network have this issue, neither the wired one or the wireless ones.
Have you tried a wired connection? Were you able to replicate the issue?

Do you have the latest driver for your Wi-Fi Adapter?

Make sure that 'Obtain DNS server address automatically' is selected from your Wireless connection. Here's how.

Remove your network encryption from the router, test your connection after. If you can't connect, try a WEP security.

Test your connections after, and if it's still an issue please provide the following:

Click on Start => in run or search box type cmd, press enter. Open up a command prompt, run as an Admin then Copy and Paste these ipconfig /all >c:\ipconfig.txt . Please attach the .txt file to be found in your Local Disk 'C' on your next post.

From your wireless computer pls. install and run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector.
Click on the 'Show Networks' to display all wireless networks on the xirrus icon on your desktop of if you have one running in a corner. Tap the Printscreen key on your keyboard, open up Paint then choose Edit from the Menu and select Paste, then SAVE it. Upload and attached it here, click on Go Advanced and locate Manage Attachments Tab and attached the file.

Please post back and give us an update.
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What type of router? What anti-spyware programs did you run? You could have a glitchy network adapter, router, or a virus your normal program isn't picking up. If you're Wi-Fi, a very strong local signal at the same frequency could also be disrupting communication, even if signal strength still shows good.
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