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Internet constantly messed up...

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Ok this is gonna be quite a long story explaining the problem... Basically my internet randomly stops working, and I proceed to shut of the router and modem, sometimes just restarting of router will do, other times modem needs to be reset. Sometimes this problem continuously happens once every ten minutes, and other times it happens once in a whole week. I have tried switching modems, and routers, and even my ISP. Still the problem remains. My basic setup is I have my cogeco cable modem, goes to my router, which goes to my computer, and to a 5 port switch. This switch goes to 3 other computers, and I have 2 laptops on wirless, and occasionly more wireless devices. The screw up happens every where, and after switching ISP`s routers, and modems im very confused. I do use bittorent , and my sisters use limewire like crazy, im not sure the effect this has on it. Anyways im not sure if this is enough information for the problem to be solved. This has been happening for over 2 years, and I finally thought to ask the techsupportforum users, instead of phoning cogeco, having them make me reset the router and modem, having it temporarily work again, and them saying it will be fine.

Additional info
Router IP-
Router type- Linksys
ISP- Cogeco

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just a thought, but have you had your line checked out? as in, contacted your telecommunications company (not your ISP) and asked them to check the line? Just a thought, seeing as you've changed hardware AND your ISP and you're still having the same problem...
Actually, I have had my internet lines checked twice, and had our cable lines checked....they were both fine. Thanks for the response, any help is appreciated.
Well, since this likely has to do with P2P applications, I'm going to close this one and suggest you read the Tech Support Forum Rules & Conduct
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