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Internet connected - no web, no messenger - after period

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After my pc has been on for a while (2 hours minimum), seemingly randomly, I am unable to load web pages, getting an instant connection unavailable, and unable to communicate using msn messenger, however I still see my network icon is connected, and am still able to communicate via xfire messenger.

Currently I am able to solve the problem with a restart of the pc, I have tried resetting the router to no success. Other computers using the same internet access do not have the same problem - uninterrupted.

I have run anti virus scans, hijackthis, but nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


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This happened again today, so had a chance to check out a few things about it, and do some more tests

I tried pinging and, both of which succeeded.
I was chatting in ventrillo before and during this problem. while unable to browse the internet with a "request denied" message.
I wasn't kicked out of msn, and was able to view people signing in and out, and change display icons etc
I was able to chat in steam messenger, browse steam servers, but now download content.

Neither IE nor FF would display anything, not even attempting to load pages(seemingly)
Are you on a work domain, that might have connection duration limits? I have had this problem before, I reset my router, but that seemed to nt work for you?:4-dontkno
I'm pretty sure all you need to do is reset your modem and/or router and restart your computer.. as the best solution. I can't think of an easier one at the moment.
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