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Internal Error

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When I start up my says.........
Paquet Builder Internal Error @78

Can you tell me what that means.............and whether or not I can fix it, please.

Thanks very much,
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Wow....that must really be rare since google can't find a single page that mentions it
try this


i took 5 minutes and searched dogpile, and i think i found a site that has a forum to discuss problems with the paquet builder.

it is a GDG software site... i dont know if they make that product, but they seem to be offering support for it.....

GDG software forum

go to their forum and start a thread, it seems to be the same style of forum interface. mention your exact error message like you did here...

if they can't answer it check back here...
we will try again...

and fox, google sucks A** by the way...
try on for size
they havent ever failed me....

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Thank you ever so much, I registered on that forum today.
I sure appreciated your efforts.

Try using the following link which contains all the information about Paquet Builder.

Will do
Pacquet Builder

This was the reply I received.................took a little time.....but well worth it.


I regreat to tell you that your computer was infected by an old MIRC virus that was packaged some times ago by a harmful user (it was two or three years ago). The latter used Paquet Builder 2.5 (our Self-Extracting packages builder) to create a single executable file that he distributed to users, and when these users run this file, the virus contents was unpacked in a temporary folder and the virus heart was activated. To be sure that the virus was always run, the virus author seemed to want its virus be installed each time Windows is run and so he made a fault that causes the "Paquet Builder Internal Error @78" error you get.
This virus is not harmful (it will not damage your computer), it seems to be related to MIRC.
We are not affiliated with the virus author that choosed Paquet Builder 2.5 certainly because it was free for all user.
When the problem appeared, we helped several users to get rid of it. Now major anti-virus programs can solve this problem and eleminate it successfully.
The best way to is to visit:
This page contains all information and links you need.

The G.D.G. Software Team

I posted that response just incase anyone else has this problem.

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Since this virus is recognized by most (all?) AV packages, it would appear you don't have an updated AV package running. If not, that's something you should do yesterday! :rolleyes:
I have Norton 2003. Is that not good enough???

If norton didn't find it, something is amiss with the configuration I would guess...
hello postcard, thanx for posting that for us...
It doesnt really matter if you have the best AV, what it matters is that you keep signature files in check. And another thing... they said "This virus is not harmful (it will not damage your computer)..." I would not take that lightly...even the most lightweight virus (read prank) can be harmful, intended or keep an eye on that and please keep us posted on any further developments.

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