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Intermittent Failure to start

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Here's my problem:

Sometimes, sometimes, when I start my computer, my video card doesn't start and I get a POST beep error code that indicates a video card is not installed. When this happens, it takes several attempts at restarting the computer with the reset button for it to see the card and start normally.

The mobo doesn't have onboard video, so there's no jumpers to disable. The card does work in the mobo, because this problem isn't consistent - it can start up without any problems, sometimes. It isn't a driver issue (the failure happens before the OS loads). I have the most recent BIOS for my mobo (but again, since it sometimes works, I don't think that is the problem)

Any idea as to root cause and solution?
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Update: I went out and picked up a new power supply (went from 400 to 650) and the problem did not go away. So we can rule out power supply.
Are you using PCI-E or AGP video card ?
Have you try moving your video card to other slot ?
Clean the copper contact with some alcohol may help ?
Your video card may not sit 100% into the slot will cause this problem too.
AGP; and I'll try cleaning the contacts. Is there a way to clean the ones on the board as well as the ones on the card?
Used Isopropyl on the contacts, and still had same problem. I'm starting to fear faulty video card... Radeon x1650
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