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intermittent conflict?

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Hi. I am new to technology and somewhat of a neanderthal in its uses,
with a minor difficulty. I encountered a very bad trojan which did
much damage to my system. A computer knowledgeable tech replaced
the basics and added Spyware Doctor, Advanced Windows Care and
Registry Fix, each of which I run regularly. My problem is with a TVU
player. I click on the icon, the player pops up, I choose the channel
I would like to watch (usually the Sci-Fi or CBS)(GRIN) and it plays
for anywhere from 5 seconds to an hour, then disappears. Every once
in a while it disappears in just a second. Yesterday, it stayed on for
about four hours with no problems. Could it be some sort of conflict
with the safety programs added? Any help would be appreciated.
a 60 year old techno troglodyte (BIG GRIN)
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