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Interesting BF2 Problem

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Every time I try to log into my account, BF2 crashes. I can log into my rommates account, but mine crashes game. I have no idea how to fix, please help if you have ever encountered this.
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If there are any sort of character profile/config files saved in your BF2 directories it might fix it if you removed all the files associated with your account name. Then logging into your account again should create fresh files.
I'll try deleting any if there are any.
just make a new profile, you probebly set the gfx too high for your pc

need more help? just ask
Account has been working for three months, that is why I don't want to just start another, however that may be what I end up doing. As for deleting any config files, I can't find any, and I tried deleting all the .ini files, still a no go. I still appreciate the extra minds, and different viewpoints, thanks for all teh help so far.
as i said it looks like either your account is corrupt or you set the gfx too high for your pc, so either way you will have to lose all of your online stats.

sorry but this is what can happen with pc's these days, so now you have 2 options.

1. start a new account, if that dont work then
2. reinstall BF2, if the game has worked before reinstalls usually do the trick!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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