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Inter Office Msg Pop-Ups

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Hello All,

First let me say that I am very impressed by this forum. Theres is alot of very intellegent and intuitive members here and I am greatful for all the help I've received in the past.

I am working for a small office which monitors call centers phone calls. We are PCI (Payment Card Industry Compliant) so we have to be on a secure network and environment (no usb ports, cd/dvd roms, sealed cases).

The room where the team of Quality Assurance reps sit is very quite as they are serving as the "police" of the telesales industry (you could hear 2 flys f**cking).

The manager of the team has a strenuous job running reports and playing on facebook and just does have the time to get up and walk to a rep that needs to be addressed or given information.

What I am trying to do is find a freeware program which can flash pop ups on the computers in the office with no way to reply.

I once was a Quality Control rep at a call center and we used a program to send "training" messages to phone reps to tell them when they were doing something wrong. they couldnt reply.

Either that of maybe some suggestions on other possible solutions..:4-dontkno


thanks for your help!
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Hi boombapp,

This is a pretty good site with plenty of programs. Hope you can find what your looking for here: - Download Freeware and Shareware Computer Utilities.
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