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Intel Celeron 300A MHZ - Confused about SLOT/Socket type

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Hello. I hope this is the right place to post this technical question. I have used three programs to get information about the "package" type of my CPU slot/socket: 1.) Fresh Diagnose 2.) CPU-Z 3.) WCPUID. Fresh Diagnose says my CPU is 370 pin FC-PGA. CPU-Z says my CPU is Slot 1 SEPP. WCPUID says my CPU is Slot 1 (SC242 Connector). Ultimately, I want to get a CPU cooler for this CPU that is compatible with my CPU. Newegg has CPU coolers compatible with all sorts of CPU types, including Socket 370, Intel Celerons, etc. but i cannot find, in their search engine, any CPU coolers that specifically state "SLOT 1 SEPP" compatiblitiy. My first of two questions is, will a CPU cooler, which is compatible with Intel Celeron, Pentium, and Socket 370 chips, fit with this CPU of mine, which could either be socket 370 or Slot 1 SEPP? Secondly, any suggestions on better programs like Fresh Diagnose, CPU-Z, WCPUID, etc. that will accruately detect my CPU type? Thank you.
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Download Everest for yet another opinion! My old Celery processor had just a heatsink. being a whopping 366Mhz didn't require the small-prop engine that today's CPUs require. I've seen plenty of cooling solutions for those kind of chips that are rather widely available.
Everest says my CPU is:

Motherboard/CPU/CPU Physical Info/Package Type: 242 Contact SEP Cartridge.

Motherboard/CPUID/CPUID Properties/Platform ID: 01h (Slot 1)
I would pop open the case and see what type you have. Socket 370 coolers are still plentiful to find new. On the other hand Slot 1 coolers are getting kind of scarce new. You should be able to find something on ebay, new or used.
Make sure, if you have a slot 1 processor, you get the correct cooler for it. Slot 1's came in 3 different configurations SECC (full jacket), SECC II (half jacket) and SEPP (bare card). Not all coolers are comaptible with the different packages. All Slot 1 Celerons came in SEPP.
This is a Slot 1 board...

This is a Socket 370 board....

The heatsinks for Slot 1 and socket 370 are different, and not interchangeable.

Slot 1 has the heatsink/fan bracket that mounts through 4 retaining holes

Socket 370 has a single spring clip

This page shows a bare Slot1 Celeron 300A (no heatsink/fan) you can see the 4 retainer holes the heatsink clips through.

300A's were sold for Slot 1 and Socket 370 boards. There was also a Socket370 to Slot1 conversion card that was used as an adapter so a socket 370 chip could be used on a Slot 1 board. Also shown is a Socket 370 Celeron 300A chip.
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I've opened the case and it's B&W clear that it's a SLOT 1 SEPP (bare card) processor. It fits perfectly with the pictures you've just posted. I also got a another computer using socket 370 processor. Comparing both side by side, it's pretty much self-explanatory. I need SLOT 1 SEPP CPU cooler for my Intel Pentium II Celeron 300A processor. Thanks for your help ppl. :)
is it actually overheating?

at those speeds, it's really really hard to heat up.
No; it's not overheating. It's actually o/c'd to 450mhz, althought I advertised this thread as 300A mhz because it's factory speed is 300A. The heatsink has been still working all these "dusty" years despite the fan is way past over due its lifespan. But I plan to get a new CPU cooler, Alpha1HO with one 60mm Vantec Stealth 60mm fan. With that setup, hopefully I can o/c to 504mhz, if not, then the system will stay @ 450mhz w/ a quieter fan and a longer life span for the fan.
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