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integrated fingerprint reader and integrated webcam

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I have a lenovo 3000n100 laptop with vista home prem.
it has a integrated finger print reader and a integrated camera.
neither of which work.talked to ibm tech which was a waist of time
all i found out was the bio doesn`t show up on search it seems that
when i bought the computer at circuit city and they installed the
visa they uninstalled the two programs,they are no help either.
is there someway to find if it is still on the hard drive or can i get
a down load from authentec.not sure what the camera is.
Lenovo doesn`t have either only usb or for ibm. Microsoft told me
to go to HP site. they have it. all the software and bio`s on free down
load.but don`t know which computer matchs mine.I`ve been at this
off and on for a year