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Installing XP off FlashDrive: Error LBA & CHS?????

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In reference to this link. I am trying to use flashboot to make a bootable USB Flash drive.
I took my XP and put it on the drive since my computer does not have a operating disk drive I am putting XP on, but here is my problem.

-When I go to load windows xp on the computer it says:

LBA not available

CHS not available

Press control alt delete to reboot?

No help on that forum at all with this problem. Not even a reply. So how do I make these become available or get this program to work correctly?
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Well at least I know I am not the only one with the problem. Still confused on what I should do here? I already have my flash drive bootable thru flashboot 2.0 and that is how I got the error message? I guess I am not sure where to go from here.

Am I reading the instructions on that link you posted wrong, but I am a bit confused on what I should do after the flashboot?
Here is the Flashboot user manual scroll down to Setup Bios. It describes your error message. It sounds like the HDD is not being recognized. Have you slipstreamed the SATA driver into XP disc?
I did get in touch with Flashboot and I did resolve that issue. The only problem now is I don't have either LBA and CHS coming up on the page, but my computer freezes and I do a hard restart now?
Check Event Viewer for clues. It may not be related to the previous problem.

Also check for heat, voltages and HD errors. Check Hardware Manager for driver issues. Check for malware.

Post specs of your PSU. Bad power/ power supply is most likely.
We have good everything on the hardware side. I think my problem may be my copy of Win Xp Prof Corp Edt.

I did have a problem with the overheating on this Sony Vaio PCG5- soemthing I think. It has dual core processor and if I do to much graphics or anything it starts getting smoking hot then automatically shuts down. That is how I got my initial error of a file being corrupt in win32 or something.

Everything works fine tho, I think I am going to try getting windows 7 setup in it and see if that chances anything.
Is the Operating System hacked/cracked? AFAIK there is no such thing as "Corporate Edition".

Computers overheat for a reason of defect (not normal over-use), and heat causes system file corruption.
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