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installing win2k pro thru dos?

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hello everyone;
I've been trying to install win2k using DOS OS but the win2k cd won't launch.
I have a bootable disk, i formated my old windows(formatc:/s), but when i restarted the computer with the floppydisk in, i choose 1st choice(start dos with cd support) then it does some check for the E drive, the cd doesn't launch to install the windows, and instead i just go back to dos. So i just wanna ask is there some command to run the cd from dos?

thanks for any help.
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Check here:

Or.. The Windows 2000 CD is bootable. You should be able to start the installation from the CD without booting to DOS, have you tried this?
I would do as cjessee recommends and just boot from the CD. However, the command from DOS to start Windows setup is simply setup.exe
I think i don't have this option(boot from cd), cuz the computer is IBM pentium 2 and is really old. So i coudn't find this option.
It's working properly now. Thanks for the link cjessee, all i needed is a command to make the cd run. thanks again
Thinking Win98 might be a better alternative for a P2 than Win2000.
i know what you mean griderman, but i really want to try win2k on my old pc.
Here's are the minimum system requirements for running the Windows® 2000 Professional OS:
Computer/Processor : 133 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU.
Memory : At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM; more memory generally improves responsiveness.
Hard Disk : 2 GB with 650 MB free space.
CPU Support : Windows 2000 Professional supports single and dual CPU systems.
Drive : CD-ROM or DVD drive.
Display : VGA or higher resolution monitor.
Keyboard : Required.
I believe yours is anywhere from 200MHz-350MHz.
thanks for that kalim, i have been looking for this but couldn't find it.
No my one is 400MHz and 64 of Ram(P II).
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