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installing video card HELP!!!!!!

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I have an emonster: pentium3 500mhz 256mb ram 2x agp slot.
I was trying to install the new video card ati radeon 7500 to replace my ati rage.
after removal of the display driver I shut down and inserted the new card. The computer after checking the dvd drive just stops and gave me a black screen.
I reinstalled my old card and the computer ran fine given we are in vga mode now.
the card should work since I refunded once already.
the tech support idiots at ati informed me nothing and tells me to flash my bios which I definitly would not do.
is it just not comptible or somthing. maybe I should go try geforce.


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Uhmmm not to be a smart *** but....FLASH YOUR BIOS! Its a vidoe card for crying outloud....the ATI techs are most likley spot on.
Flashing is not so bad....the most imprortant thing to do is make SURE you have the right most cases the flash will recognize it is not the right one and not run but in rare cases you can NUKE your M/B. I for one hate most tech support places out there becuse they talk to you like your a beginner but in most cases you should do what they sat to get it out of the the it to your desk the program...feed it a blank floppy then boot to the floppy...after that sit back and watch the might have to hit the "any key" once or twice but again in most cases it is painless....and over in five minutes

then if it dont work you can go back to them and make them earn thier money
Is this a straight radion or an all in wonder radion? The 7500 came both ways.

Anyway I see no reason why it shouldn't work, there don't seem to be anything about the chipset that would make things difficult.

Flashing your bios won't hurt- and if it doesn't work after that you can say to ATI support "OK, I DID WHAT YOU SAID, NOW WHAT??????????"

If you are afraid of bios flashing, give us some model numbers or if you know which motherboard it has that would be sweet- we can set you up with the right file and walk you through it.

That is what we are here for!
Jamman, every time I read that little thing at the bottom of your posts, I can't stop laughing
Just for my info, what is "flashing the BIOS" I can come up with a few of my own ideas, but none of them seem to have the right type of flashing...
Flashing the BIOS is a way to UPDATE the Mother is like a driver update for you other go to the manufacture of the site and check your allows added things that hte board didnt have before had...better processor fixes, some added service, firewire or USB 20 ...stuff like that
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