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Installing sound card

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I am going to install a new Soundblaster Live 7.1 soundcard and I want to
know if I have to disable the onboard sound I'm now using and how do I do
it if necessary. Onboard sound is nvidia and motherboard is A7N8X-E. OS
is windows xp home. Sure would appreciate your help. I'm not an expert
but not a dummy either.
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Disable onboard. Go into bios and look for onboard periphereals, pardon
spelling. It might be ac 97 sound codec or something to that affect.
Might just say onboard sound. Save changes and boot into windows,
make sure that the onboard sound does not show in device manager.
Then go to add remove and make sure the software for the onboard is
gone, if not remove. When you are happy reminants of onboard sound are
gone shut down. Then unplug machine from wall and install new sound
card, follow the prompts after that...
Thanks to "Manic" for your prompt reply and info. It sound very simple
and easy and I should have no problem. The sharing of your knowledge
is greatly appreciated and great wishes for 2007. Thanks again.
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