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I recently bought an IBM P 300 PL. To my surprise i dont have a bios option to boot from CD. I used a bootable floopy (with a cd rom driver installed) but it wouldn't detect my cd rom because of that i can't install my win98 OS...

Anyone have experience this problem or knows any solution pls reply back as i really need to have this up and running

Thank you

Welcome to the forums seipman..............:D

Go here and download a boot disk for your operating system.

Put a new floppy disk into the floppy drive.

Double click the file that you downloaded and it will create a boot disk for you.

With A:> as your first boot device in the bios boot to this new floppy.

Select Boot with CD-Rom support.

When it gets to the a prompt type E:\ then enter it should change to E:>

If it does insert the Win98 CD in the drive and type setup.

If it is not an upgrade you will only have to enter your key number when requested to do so.

If it is an upgrade then you will need to show previous ownership of another OS prior to this one.
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