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Installing on a second hard drive problem

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hello guys,

Right so i just finished building my new gaming pc, and i seem to have come across a bit of a major hiccup.

I currently have a 40GB SSD (C:) for windows and a 2TB HDD (A:) for my programs. My SSD only has around 5GB free after installing windows 7 64bit on it.

Now when i go to install a large program/game even though i have told it to install on my second HDD (2tb) i still get a Out of disk space -- Volume: 'C:'
Now this is very annoying and has stumped me. I ask it to install on my second HDD (A:) it seems to be doing that but then runs out of space on (C:) ?!?!

Is worth to note that i have the whole game on my second hdd (A:) not on disk as i tried to see if that would fix my issue but it did not.

On closer inspection of the game error log file it seems to be that my game extracts to APPDATA folder and of course that being on my windows (C:) it runs out of room before it can move it to my 2TB

So really im not sure what i can do, is there some way to move APPDATA onto my second HDD? I have already edited my regestrys so that all programs by default install onto A:\Programs but i havent evin thought about trying to move my APPDATA folder onto my 2TB

soo umm HELP? :rolleyes::4-dontkno
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Change your temp file to be on A: that is why you got the message the install wrote a ton of files to temp dir on C:
Hi. Could you list how much RAM is installed in that system. And if you ever use the hibernate function? Reason for asking is to maybe free up some more space on that SSD.
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