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Installing apps from cd

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Oky-doky folks............. I am on FC3: went to Applications --> System Settings --> Add/Remove Programs

I typed in root password, and the box opened. I wanted to install the Engineering & Scientific packages so I checked the box and clicked update; I inserted cd 3, then I inserted cd 2. Next it said I needed to update them. I updated them through RedHat's up2date, then rebooted (just because). I log in, hit Applications, and can't find what I just d/l'led and installed!!!!!! I search for 'em. No findy!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance............
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That's why you need to learn the terminal first, then the gui.

A fun little command is whereis

You could use it like this

whereis programname

Or the easier was is to just type the name of the program into the terminal. See if it runs.
Thanks I guess........... I confooozed...... do you have the Engineering & Scientific programs? They seem to run off of the terminal...... :confused:
OKY-doky.............. fixed

I uninstalled that junk........... I saw algebraic stuff and graphing/plotting........ but it's command line based :rolleyes:

PS: where do you learn the commands at?
I took a class but you can probally figure it out from any of those beginner books they have.

Once you know the basic commands the rest are easy to pick up.
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