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installing an operating system to ASUS Eee PC 1001pxd

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i recently received my asus eee pc 1001xpd. i knew beforehand it would come without an operating system. the only thing it comes with is the express gate cloud.
well, i want to install windows. at this point i don't care if it has to be XP.

i tried two different ways with the usb boot method. i tried using wintoflash and i also did the long way by using the command prompt.
well, after booting it up by using the command prompt, it said the bootmgr is missing. so, i restarted it and it said missing operating system. so i couldn't even access the express gate. luckily i was able to do a factory setting restore.

I'm not sure what I am supposed to do now. I don't want to risk damaging my netbook.
Is there another way to guarantee the windows operating system will boot without problems? i tried to install windows 7. Thanks!

ok i tried again. this time i used the wintoflash method. i got to the screen where it asks me the main language i want the opearting system to be in. but, then it said there are missing drivers. i thought you could install and operating system without having to download drivers?

(A required CD/DVD drive devicer driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, please insert it now.

Note: If the Windows installation media is in the CD/DVD drive, yo can safely remove it)

I'm using the USB. Should I remove it and then attach it again?
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In Windows 7 the network icons have been merged. The one icon deals with any and all network connections you use.

For your Internet connection, you should also have a modem of some sort (sometimes the router is built into the modem, but not always). The cord that comes into the modem could either be a phone cord (RJ11) or a Coaxial cable that has a pin coming out of it that makes the connection in the modem. These are the two main types of connecters on modems. The type of cable will tell me what you have. I would assume that Korea would use the same, but I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time. ;-)

In the Control Panel under the Network and Sharing Center, look on the left for Change Adapter Settings and click on that. Once that opens, how many devices do you see? You should see your Wireless adapter and your Lan adapter. There should also be some information listed about them.

Do you have wireless access where you are? Do you know the Key to access that connection if you do?
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probably going to have to go get it serviced. but i'd like to save that trip. it's too far from where i live. basically it's not detecting anything to do with LAN

Try our support site to get all the compatible driver
Sorry for the late reply! Had to get to school.
Yes it has a coxial cable. I saw the LAN and Wireless icons too. What information are you talking about?

By the way I brought the netbook to my school. I plugged in my classroom's interenet cable into it. I actually saw the yellow exclamation point this time. So I figure something is wrong with my modem back home, but that can't be the case because it works fine with the desktop.

So when it connected, it said unidentified internet connection, with the exclamation point. I can't reset the internet here because the computer connections extend from the ground. I don't really want to fiddle with the wires here.

UGhhhhhhhhhh ahahahhahahhahahha. So what can you gather now??? By the way thanks for everything!
Haha, drivers aren't the problem, but thanks :)
It will be things like "connected, firewalled" or some such.

Ah, when you change devices with a cable modem, you need to reboot the modem to get it to recognize the new device. If you had a router that you were plugging into, this wouldn't be the issue. When you get home, try rebooting the modem with the netbook plugged in by unplugging it and letting it sit again for 30 sec to a minute. Let if fully cycle and then see if you're connected.

For the connection at school, you should probably talk to the IT department to see what's up. You may need proxy settings there.
Ok, I tried what you said. Here is what said identifying on the LAN icon for like 5 seconds, and then said network cable unplugged. I tried two different cables.

i can't access wireless near my place. Maybe if i go a coffee shop i can
you have to configure the settings of your modem or router.......

so maybe the problem is w/ in your computer internet settings
configure them in what way?
Actually, since it's saying that a network cable is unplugged, I would suspect a bad NIC. That's usually what I find on the machines I work on. I think you should take it back, since it's so new.
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