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Installed Vista, Video card not working

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Hi, I bought a Asus g73jh which comes stock with windows 7. I downgraded to vista. It installed all the drivers through update. I noticed graphics were not working right and I got a 1.0 in that area in the windows experience index.

The graphics card is ATI mobility radeon HD 5870. I downloaded the catalyst driver update for the card and installed/ran it, it didn't give me any problems, but didn't fix the problem.

I ran CPU-ID and under the graphics tab everything is blank.

In the device manager I have the following yellow exclamation points:
-Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
-Network Controller
-PCI Simple Communications Controller
-Unknown Device

Under display adapters there is only Standard VGA Graphics Adapter (and it has a yellow ! as mentioned).

I was thinking maybe I should have something about video controllers under Sound, video and game controllers in the device manager but there is only something about sound.

Please help.

BTW like I said the stock operating system is windows 7 therefore the only drivers I have on disc are for windows 7 and not vista.
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It's a driver issue. All those errors in Device Manager indicate incompatible drivers, either they're not compatible with Windows 7 or not compatible with that particular device model.
Download the chipset drivers from your motherboard manufacturer's website, install and reboot.
It is very possible there are no Vista drivers available for your laptop. Most new PC's that come with 7 do not offer drivers for older OS's.
Why in the world would you downgrade from a superior OS (7) to an inferior resource hog (Vista)? :4-dontkno
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