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Installation stalls at Installing Devices

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I have removed all my addon hardware, resuced the number of memory sticks, replaced my graphics card with an older model used when xp was originally installed but still when i get to 33 minutes and Installing Devices the whole things crashes,
I have searched numerous forums with no success - does anyone here have some advice??
Presumable if I take a Hard Drive to another PC and install xp that way - it will run ok when I return to my own pc??

Many thanks

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You never told us the problem you're having.
#1 has windows XP ever been installed on this machine
#2 Try taking all the ram out expt 1 stick and install if it still does the samething take out that stick and replace it with one of the others.
Also try when starting the XP install press the F7 key when it says press F6 to install scsi drivers...
Hello George

1. If you are using a USB mouse try a PS2 mouse. Don`t use a USB keyboard either.

If that doesn`t help
2. Restart your computer.
Setup tries to identify the device that is causing the problem and tries to skip the device on the next restart. You may have to restart your computer multiple times.

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Thanks Guys - I`ll try out your suggestions and report back.

BTW Dunedin - I`m South of the Forth in the Borders - Kelso

Another Scot!

There are very few Scots in the forum, so I am glad to see you here.

I forgot to say in my last reply
Presumable if I take a Hard Drive to another PC and install xp that way - it will run ok when I return to my own pc??
No, you should not do that. The hardware is all different. XP needs to be installed on the machine it is to be running on.
If you do that XP will not boot and you will need to run a Repair to get it working again

Hope you like it here and visit often :smile:

Hi Guys

Here`s a happy bunny :)

After a week of trying to get xp installed I`ve done it. Don`t know which of you two I can specifically thank but both of you get my vote for doing what a raft of other furums haven`t been able too

Very many thanks and I`m gonna keep my eyes on this forum

Great news!

I am glad you managed it at last.

See you around. I am usually here :smile:

Whoops - guess I was too quick `cos when i booted up this morning it didn`t (if you know what I mean) said that "system32/drivers/pci.sys" was missing.
Anyway I ran the CD-Rom and tried a Repair but the damn thing went to instasll instead and of course it stopped at the usual place and crashed

Hey hO - here we go again

Well, this is a hardware problem of some sort.

The pci.sys error usually means that your XP installation CD is only SP1. You need to create a slipstreamed XPSP2 CD. This means you incorporate SP2 into your existing XP installation CD and then burn your new XPSP2 CD. Just check your CD to see which Service Pack is on it. If you normally have to install SP2 separately it will obviously not be on your CD.

Make a slipstreamed XPSP2 installation CD
Here is a good tutorial

Also unplug all unnecessary devices before starting to install XP.
Thanks for the info, Dunedin.
My CD doesn`t contain SP2 or 3 - I have them on seperated discs.
What I did was to follow you [revious comments and xp reinstalled ok (much to my surprise & delight).
I have been reinstalling programmes and updating drivers but I still have one problem in that any USB addons are not recognised. I had a look in the Device Manager and there are several entried (ALi PCI to USB Open Host Controller etc etc) that have a Yellow Marker on them and when I open them to check on the driver there is a mess as follows
"Your computer's system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35)"
I tried updating my BIOS but it appearts I am using the latest version.

Any ideas ??


To assist you any further we will need some information about your pc please

make and model of pc?.....example dell dimension 4400
custom built pc - motherboard model number.
Also install Service Pack2
Disregard the info that says this version is only for installing on multiple computers on a network.

Make sure that all USB devices are disconnected before installing it.

See what is happening after that.

I already have SP3 installed so I tried uninstalling that and it made a real mess. Luckily I was able to restore to an earlier daye and I`m OK.
I have another XP CD coming later this week that will contain both SP2 & SP3 so when that arrives, I`m gonna take a deep breath, reformat the drive and go for another reinstall. I`ll let you know what happens then
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