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Input Not Support

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So, I updated my driver to the current driver. I am using a Nvidia Geforce GT 220.

Now it will work with 2 monitors 1 using HDMI and 1 Vga plugged in at once. But when it's only one it says input not supprted on my main monitor.

Any fix to where I can use only1 monitor?
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The driver was out of date. So I had to update it. Also, it worked before yes.
The problem is, is that it was causing my games to crash.
Cpu: i7 920 Extreme Hyperthreaded Black edition OC'd 4.2 GHZ.
Ram: 12GB OCZ Platinum Tri-Channel 2gbx6 sticks.
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 220 -
OS: Windows 7 Ult.

I was getting BSOD, after reading into the STOP codes it was caused due to out of date drivers, haven't received a BSOD Stop Code since updating.
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