India asked ISP's to block over a hundred websites and restriced anyone from sending bulk SMS messages.

This is in response to an outbreak of panic a few weeks ago when SMS messages were sent to mobile phone users that contained threats made by alleged Muslims, that implied retaliation after conflict between the Muslims and indigenous communities in the Assam region of India.

Several people have been arrested in connection with the alleged sending of these messages, which also appeared on various websites.
The IT Ministry of India urged several websites, including Youtube and Facebook, to remove hateful and inflammatory content from their sites.

According to  an article on Computer World , the minister of home affairs, Sushil Kumar Shinde reportedly stated that social networking sites and internet media are being misused by "elements based in Pakistan", to create unease in the country by distributing false pictures and stories.

Although all attempts are made by ISPs to block the content in question, the stories and pictures are still distributed to other sites making it hard to stop it all.