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hey folks!

does having your system indexed by something like google desktop make your system more vulnrable to attacks?

does it also mean that people can take this index file and find out what you have on your system more easily?

thanks for any help.
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Technically, from what I have read, most tech media say no, you should not be compromised.

Do I trust it on my machine? No. I can search my own PC without 3rd party help. To me, it seems a doorway waiting to be exploited.
thats exactly what i thought!

the tool bar up the side looks very cool though and quite useful. does anyone know it there is a (free/openSource) program that does roughly the same thing but without the indexing?
Are you referring to the Google toolbar, or Google Desktop search? I think it's safe to run the toolbar and most of it's features (which I do), without enabling desktop search.
no, sorry... i was talking about the desktop search. when i said toolbar i ment "sidebar". :) sorry for the confusion!
Well, if it's useful to you, I don't see much harm. At least that's what they say. When you think about it, Google has too much at stake to become a security threat. I'm just saying that personally, I can live without it, and thus will never find out first-hand if it compromises my system.
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