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Increasing Network Connection

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I am using a Belkin Wirleless card in my laptop, it is 54g and 2.4ghz and I am using a Netgear Router. I have been using it for almost 2 years now, but the last six months I have been unable to get a connection when I am on the next floor of my house. When I use another family members computer in a similar spot, a connection is easily available and comes up as 'good'. Even when I am only 5 meters away from the router, it comes up as 'low' connection.

Do I need to get myself a new wireless card, or is it something else?
When I increased my computer ram I think I also got a better connection, but then it went back to being poor again soon after.
I hope someone can help me work out what the problem is!

Thanks very much
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I would try getting a new wireless card if it were me. Sounds like thats where the problem is. The signal from your router sounds like its good, if you can get a strong signal with someone else's laptop.
You’ve been using it for the past few years so could be a wear and tear issue on the wireless equipment. If not

If you have a firewall, make sure that it’s allowing the ip addresses. or just try it without any firewalls, if you haven't already.

Make sure your not operating in low power mode or something.

You could also try updating the firmware and drivers (if available) of your wireless devices

Also you might get slightly better connections if your ip addresses are set and not assigned by DHCP. Altho I’m not sure of the situation between belkin and netgear
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