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increasing adaptor from RAM

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Hi everyone,
i have heard that the graphic adaptor can be increased from the RAM ,lets say we have 256MB of Graphic Adaptor and 1024MB of RAM,can be upgraded to 356MB from the 1024 RAM size.

is that possible ?
your help is highly apreciated
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No, not by itself. When you increase the total amount of RAM in your computer you are just giving more RAM to the Operating System. If you specifically want more RAM for your Graphics Adapter then you have to specifically assign more RAM to the Graphics Adapter.

This is normally done when you go into BIOS and look up the configuiration of your Graphics Adapter and increase the amount of RAM assigned to it. (Motherboard-specific...may NOT work for you.)

You will not see too big of a change by this, in fact you will not be able to even tell whether the graphics Adapter is working better and providing better resolutions and has become faster than before.

If you really care so much about the graphics then it will be better if you buy a better Graphics Adapter ( in case of normal Desktop Computers ) with lot more onboard (on the Adapter itself ) RAM. This way you will not have to assign the System RAM to the Graphics Adapter.
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it's exactly like you told me, there won't be a big defference.
but why i can't buy i new Graphic Adaptor ? because my motherboard is not PCI express support, it's AGP.

anyway thanks alot for your help
If it's a desktop computer and not a laptop, then there's no reason why you can't fit a graphics card. Just make sure you buy the correct type for your motherboard slots and that your PSU is strong enough to handle an upgrade.

If you need any help with choosing a card, post back with your motherboard make/model and PSU details (make/model, total watts, amps for +12V).
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