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Hi, guys -
You've helped me out before when I wanted to flash my BIOS, so I'm turning to you again for any ideas on this one.
While trying to send e-mail via our Juno account, I got some weird windows saying that Windows could not find some sort of WINNT files, etc. etc. I shoulda wrote down the exact message. The window kept frantically popping up and I kept acknowledging it. After twenty or thirty repetitions I tried to turn off the machine via "Start>Shut Down" and was told I wasn't authorized to shut off this computer. Hmmm, never saw that one before. Held down the power button for five seconds. I've gotchyer authorization for ya.
Started it back up and got the blue screen of death - "Inaccessible Boot Device". Went online with a working machine and printed out a bunch of stuff about accessing the Recovery Console via the original W2K CD. Got to the Recovery Console. For those of you who haven't tried this, I tried about twenty permutations before
C:WINNT>CHKDSK"space"C:"space"/P finally worked. By "space", I mean one tap on the space bar between CHKDSK and C:, and one more between C: and /P.
Chkdsk took off. When finished it said "One or more errors detected" or something like that.
I restarted, pulled the W2K CD out of the tray, and everything seemed fine.
I ran AVG. Nothing was found. Of course, if I got some brand-new virus nothing would be.
I went to Juno. Juno lost the password which it always enters automatically. I re-entered that. Then Juno said that it had detected a technical problem with my mailbox. It had stashed the affected messages in a "restored" folder. Well, O.K. Juno then insisted that I'd never been online before, steering me to their 1-800 number to get new phone numbers. It found the same ones I was using before. As far as I can tell, Juno is now acting normal. I've sent and received mail twice without any weirdness.
Next, I found chkdsk and ran it again. No problems.

I have found one problem. One of the articles I'd printed from the web described an "Inaccessible Boot Device" event where the hard drive physically failed. After they got running again they found multiple events that could have served to warn of the impending failure if anyone had been paying attention. So I went to Event Viewer. A window popped up saying the Event log file is corrupt. Above this message, in the regular window, it says, "System Log: 2,081 events."

Does anyone know how to reset or reinstall the Event Viewer? Considering that I don't know what failed or why, the Event Viewer seems like a very good tool to check in on for the next few weeks.

Any thoughts regarding what else should I do? The computer is only about five months old. I built it out of quality parts. It's been treated well, and the machine has pretty much loafed thru its life so far. Although anything is of course possible, physical failure of the HDD doesn't seem the most likely cause.

Thanks in advance for any input!!
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