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Implementing VPN RRAS in a Windows Server 2003 network

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Hi guys,

I need some advice on implementing a VPN server. We currently have two Windows Server 2003, one is a Domain controller and other one is a terminal server. Now we would like to implement a VPN, but the current hardware cannot support it so we have a low end desktop/server that we would like to use as a VPN server.

Now my question is we dont have another Windows Server 2003, although we have the following servers available:
Small Business Server -2003 and 2008
Essential Business Server
Server 2008 Foundation

Which ones of these would we be able to implement the VPN server on and integrate it with our current operating network.

Many thanks in advance, looking forward for your replies.

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Better to put in a vpn client firewall like what Sonicwall provides.

Spend 5 minutes on MS web site to the answer of which versions support remote access.

We also have a Windows Server 2008 R2 standard, can that be setup as a VPN server and integrated into a Windows server 2003 domain.

Thank you in advance.
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