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Very strange problem that I've not seen before cropping up here - I wonder if anyone has any ideas?

The site in question is this one. If you click on the link "Xox Snack" on the left hand side it should display a page of thumbnails of products. For some reason the images are all marked as broken on one particular computer and I cannot figure out why.

The settings in Internet Explorer are all correct in relation to displaying images and there are no such problems with any other sites. An identical computer can read the site without issue, as can every other computer on which I have tested it. I have installed Firefox and the problem manifests itself in Firefox too, despite it using a different browser engine and security settings.

What on Earth could cause a single page to fail to display on a single computer using too different browsing engines but be fine on all other computers on the network, irrespective of the O/S and browser being used? There are some oddities on some of the images on the page (for example the source code for the site refers to a JPEG but if you try to save the image on one of the working machines IE and Firefox both interpret the the file format as PNG, but that's only the case for some of the non-displaying images, and the problem affects all).

System in use is IE6 on XP Pro (SP2) but as stated the problem affects Firefox in the same way so does not appear to be IE related. The problem is unique to that site with both IE and Firefox functioning normally on all other sites.

Any ideas? :4-dontkno

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