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Images Contrast Issue

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I'm just a newb and not good at this tech stuff so was hoping someone could help me with this :eek: if this isn't the right section for it, please move it.

The problem: lots of images(banners, wallpapers) that I view in Mozilla Firefox and in Windows Gallery Viewer have a weird contrast and look low quality. The dark and medium tones all look a lot darker.
The kicker is this only happens at certain images like signature banners on my browsers. And when I save it to desktop and view it in windows viewer it looks even worse but when viewing them in photoshop CS3 they look fine :confused: so this isn't fixable with just tweaking the monitor brightness setting.

For example: when viewing a forum the site itself (template, background etc) all look fine but banners and photos in the forum topics have the weird contrast. I tried comparing the upload hosts like photobucket and tinypic but they all have same problem for me :4-dontkno

here are some screenshots:
example A:

example B:
example B:

additional notes:
-Installing a new gfxcard didnt fix it, went from NVIDIA GeForce 6150Se integrated to a XFX Radeon HD 4670.
-using a HP w2207h Monitor.
-png24 images doesn't give me this problem, but since 9 out of 10 images are either jpeg or png it isn't much help.
-on my old computer (pentium4, geforce 7800GS) I have none of these problems.

Hope someone can help me. Greets!
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I can't really see any difference in those pics but I have no doubt you are seeing it.
Can you try another monitor with the PC or try your monitor on another PC to see if there is any change? Are you using VGA or DVI? Can you try the one you're not using now?
You could also try a different cable from the GPU to monitor?
thanks for replying

I had a hunch that the examples wouldn't show the difference on most people screens :/
I'm using a VGA cable. I don't have another one to compare but I could get one later.

I plugged this hp monitor into my old comp(pentium4) and none of these problems occurred.
But I haven't tried my other monitor on this comp where I'm having the problem. should I check and see?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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