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image toolbar question...

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Is there a way to prevent people from using the image toolbar to save (steal) images?

And if so, is it cross-browser compatible?

I have heard of some people using one, but I have yet to find any info on this.
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I don't know about the image toolbar, but if it displays on screen, then it can be copied. I use..

..for screen captures, and that'll take exactly what I want.. I should add that I use for taking scaled designs straight out of word in the main, but I could just as easily copy web images. Also, a quick look at the source will give anyone the URL of the image, which they can type in and save at their leisure (unless you store them in the cgi-bin folder or similar).

I think that the best way to protect them would be to watermark them.. that at least means that they'd have a lot of work in PSPro to edit it out. They probably wouldn't bother going to that much trouble to do so, with the dearth of images available on the 'net..


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watermarks are the way to go.

i haven't found a website yet that i can't snag images from.
sorry, I guess I didn't tell you the real reason.

The real reason I asked is because I hate seeing that toolbar all the time.
I know I can turn it off at my end, but it's the visitor that I'm most concerned about.
I just want everything to look just right.

I know there is always a way to get pics, I'm not even sure why I used that as an expample.

While we are on the subject though,... What is a watermark and can I do them with "The GIMP"?
to do a watermark, you'd create another layer, with your watermark image, such as a website name, with 95% or so transparency.

then you would just overlay them, and fuse them together, and viola, an image with a watermark in it.
I got this info on another site

<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" />

and I will try and find out if there is one for Firefox.
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