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iMac totally messed up!

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Okay, my iMac is totally weirded out. When I go to open any kind document, be it word document, an e-mail document, etc... it says the following:

*Insert program name here* can not open this document. It is in use by "another user". Would you like to make a copy?

Then I click okay and it says this:

*Insert program name here* can not save or create this document. The disk may be full or write-protected. Try one of the following:

1) Free up more memory (512 MB memory should do it...)

2) Be sure the disk is not full, write protected, or damaged.

I'm running mac OS X
Help! what should I do! :4-dontkno
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First thing I'd try is repairing permissions with Disk Utility.
check how many free space you have on your hard drive, there should be at least 2-3 GB for swap files... if you don't have this space on your drive, transfer your data on another drive, like cd, dvd or external drive...
if you have this free space, download cocktail or onyx from versiontracker, and run one of them and see if that helps...

Thanks Shuuhen, that did it!
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