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I'm not sure what's up here

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Hey guyz, I'm new here and i've got a problem that hopefully some of you know about.

In my system properties, under Registered to:, it say's "Not You, no longer" I went into regedit and changed it back to my name. When i rebooted, a message popped up and it said,

"****... I'm starting to get sick of staying here aside. Maybe you should report me if they don't know me yet !"

I click Ok and then i go back into system properties and it says Not You, no longer again:confused:

I use spybot S&D and it can't find anything. Can any1 help?

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Welcome to the Forums Venom36.....................:D

Do you have a virus scanner on you machine? Also try Ad-Aware available here.
I agree, definitely sounds like a virus to me.

AVG is a good, user-friendly and most importantly FREE anti-virus package. No I don't work for them, just very impressed with it, it has saved me numerous times. :winkgrin:
HAHA sounds like a virus! That's a funny one! KILL IT!!

Thanx guys.

I used AVG and there is still 1 problem. It found some virus' and once it got to the self healing stage it just froze.
My other virus protection couldn't find any virus' so i'm kinda confused on what to do. I use systemsuite virus and firewall protection. I also used SpyBot, and Ad-Aware.
You might need to update the definitions
I think i know why it kept freezing, My freind was using messenger while the scan was workingl. I tried it again and it works fine. Thanks for your help guyz. :winkgrin:

P.S. I also updated the definitions
You need to disable System Restore first, disinfect, and then you can enable SR again.
I really need to bump this thread, because I've had this exact same problem, and today, I've finally decided to search it and see what was going on. Thanks, all!

I just thought that you guys would like to know that this wise-cracking virus also says:

"I think something wrong is going on here. Don't you agree?" and it prompts you to click Yes or No. If you click Yes, it's says, "You are far more clever than I thought." If your answer is No, it says "If I had a job I wouldn't write this crap to bother you."
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