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I'm lost here

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Ok so i have an hp G70 laptop. my internal harddrive croaked so i just bought a new one. i bought a hitachi 320 gb sata drive with 8 mb cache/5400 rpm. now i went to install windows xp onto it seeing as it was blank so i figured i would downgrade. and i can't get it. i get past the point where everything loads and then i get the blue screen. i would just like to know how to install my sata drive or whatever i need to do to get this thing back up and running. i don't have a vista installation disk seeing as it came installed on my computer and i can't really do much else. any help very much appreciated.

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XP will not recognize a SATA drive, you would need to slipstream teh Motherboard SATA drivers into the installation, or use the F6 prompts and load the drivers at that point. Since your machine came with Vista, there may not be XP drivers to even do this with. Best bet is to set the SATA port in BIOS to IDE ( or maybe Legacy or Compatibility ) Mode and it should load then.
ok so i slipstreamed the SATA drivers into the installation cd and it gets to the loading stage of the xp installation then i get the error message ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded the error code is 14. any Advice?
Nearest thing I could find indicated a possible problem with BIOS and AHCI. Try setting the SATA port to IDE/Compatibility/Legacy mode and see if it will load.
some hp laptops need a file loaded onto the new drive first

check with hp
ok so if i were to decide to just install vista on it would it have to SATA installation drivers on it or would i have to slipstream them in there too
Vista and Windows 7 have native SATA controller drivers
okay so now i have downloaded a vista installation cd and have to burn it to a disk. problem is that it is 3.some gbs. i tried to burn it to a dvd but my computer wouldn't boot from it. ( keep in mind i'm not using my own computer to post i'm using a family members' so i need it to boot up my dead comp.) any suggestions. thanks for all the help
not to be rude but that didn't help me much. maybe i need this to be clearer. i need to get my downloaded installation cd from computer \#1 on to a disk or other likewise way of booting, to computer #2 which has a completely blank never used HDD. My computer, computer #2 won't boot off of a dvd and i'm not sure how else to do this.

ok so i got it to boot now and i am asked tom select the driver to be installed. when it goes to scan for it it tells me no device drivers were found make sure installation media contains the correct drivers. what would those be.
well i'm not sure seeing as i don't really know what a driver is i'm not a very techy guy. I'm so close to completion
never mind my computer fianally picked it up for me. it is now installing. Thanks for all the help everyone
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