Many Windows users often buy Microsoft Office for their computer needs. Included in Office Professional versions is Outlook. It is a powerful Personal Information Manager (PIM) and superb emailing software. Outlook is the largest business email system and Microsoft wants to expand that audience. With millions of users already using Microsoft’s Hotmail, Microsoft announced today a new email web service;

Microsoft is not a new player when it comes to the online email services. They already compete against Gmail and Yahoo mail. Microsoft's Hotmail, their current webmail service, holds 324 million emails accounts which is the highest amount of users vs. Google and Yahoo. will give you more advance web features. Compared to Gmail’s 25MB attachment size Microsoft is allowing up to 300MB attachment sizes. Users can also attach items right from their SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage. People who already have a Hotmail, Live, or MSN account will be able to upgrade right to the new interface as well as change their email address to

When you visit the website you may think to yourself “this isn’t how Outlook looks”. The reason for this is that Microsoft has designed the look of to compare Office 13, which will be the new Office line-up for Windows 8. Right in your inbox you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. does allow multiple inboxes from other services, including Gmail. You can also connect a business server so your emails are all connected. A mobile version is still in the works but Microsoft does say that they are working on it.

If you already own a Hotmail, Live or MSN account then you already have an account. Go check it out and try it for yourself!