The popular technology and consumer electronic show has been underway since the 31st of August, and it has been a interesting show so far. The show is taking place in Berlin, in the ICC Messe Berlin Fairgrounds. Covering over 25 exhibition halls it really does showcase some of the electronics manufacturer's newest and best technology.

From coffee makers and vacuum cleaners, to 4k displays and Wireless LAN adapters, a lot of things can be found in the various halls. Some of the computer and entertainment related devices revealed are listed below.

Hybrid Tablets has been all the craze since Microsoft's announcment of their Surface, and the show show-cased many manufacturers' versions of the hybrid tablet, such as the Asus Vivo Tab, HP's Envy X2 and Samsung's ATIV Smart PC.

Lenovo, Samsung Toshiba and other companies previewed a lot of All-In-One PCs such as the Lenovo IdeaCentre B340. Hand gesture control, touch gestures and various other new technologies were shown on the compact computers, and they are sure to gain some popularity.

Computer Displays were also big on display, including various new technologies. LG showed that size does matter with their 4K TV's (referring to the horizontal resolution), that was a whopping 84 inches in size with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels. OLED (Organic Light-emitting Diode) screens with less motion blur and sharper picture, also aiding in making the screens even thinner. Other technologies include Multi View, and IGZO screen panels that will allow smaller and higher resolution screens for mobile devices.

Other major things include Smartphones, Wireless Adapters, 3D TV's, Smart TV's (from LG as always), and more. Ironically Microsoft is absent from the show, but nevertheless, Windows 8 was showcased in dozens of products, showing its quickly growing popularity and manufacturer support.