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I realize that is a odd title but...

I am running IE7 and Vista SP1 and the difficulty that I have is my page load times.
This has been going on for some time now and I have tried several things as I am pretty experienced.
At times pages will pop right up and other times it may take up to 45 - 60 seconds. Oddly this is one of the slowest sites at times.

AV and spyware scans have been run several times with various products.
I have reset IExplorer.
Nothing running except Avast and spybot (tea timer on and off)
Sidebar (weather only) on and off
Only add on is shockwave.
Firefox seems to work ok but I dont really like it.

Im running out of ideas.
Is there something that I am missing?
I know that the TCP stack can be reset but Im not sure how and I also cant see where that would help as Firefox seems to work.
It wouldnt seem to be a network issue because as I say sometimes thing fly and then all of a sudden its time to wait.

I can provide any additional info that is required
Thanks Pat
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