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IE9 Updates

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Why is windows update prompting me for an important update on IE9 when I don't have this installed? I am currently using IE8 with windows vista and double checked the version which is showing as IE8. I am reluctant to accept the update as I understand the IE9 is still in the Beta stages. Am confused. :4-dontkno
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IE9 is no longer in beta, it's a finished product which was "released to manufacturing" (RTM) since earlier this month.

The IE9 update you can see is probably the actual IE9 itself which will update your existing IE8 to IE9. Microsoft update would never offer you any updates which were still beta testing versions.

Nevertheless, this update is optional. If you're happy with IE8, or you mostly use Firefox, you don't have to install it.
IE9 is out of BETA and is a very big improvement on IE8.

It is not a requirement yet, but it is always best to have the latest browser for the latest updates, including security paths.
Hi Pip22 and Go To The Power.

Thank you for the information provided regarding IE9, as I wasn't aware that this was now a finished product. I am going to upgrade to IE9 and see how this goes.

Thanks again!
No worries. Let us know how it goes. Or any questions you have about it.
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