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IE6 = Uninstall ?? can it be done ?

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I would like to uninstall IE6 from XP Pro, and use Opera instead Can it be done ?
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Well, it should be possible to remove IE 6 but you are still gonna be stuck with an older version of IE since its integrated into the OS. So if you just want to get rid of IE 6 and use an older version you gotta go into add remove programs (or add remove windows components) and uninstall it.
Otherwise to use Opera just install it and use it instead of IE since there really is no getting rid of it.

I hate that ! I want to get rid of it all together

Personnal Rant or things that make you go MMMM??

If I pay for my computer, if I pay for the OS and any other software I might need.. why is it still under their control?
Any other product you buy you can customize anyway you want.
I mean I could buy a Viper and put in any other engine I wanted, although I might be a lil crazy but never -the - less ....

Thanks for the response.

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Windows XP supports an "IEAccess=off" switch in the Unattend.txt file. This keeps the IE code intact allowing programs and services that rely on it to function properly, but prevents it from being used as a browser.

IE6 comes perinstalled in Windows XP and cannot be removed completly without crippling your OS.

Removing IE from Windows is more comperable to removing the accessory belt from your new Viper. You could do it but you would be crippling your vehicle.

I see it has GiCodeWarrior's fix.

From what I understand from other sites, you need IE to operate Opera anyway but I don't have any sites to back that up.

You can remove it from 95/98/ME/2000 with IEradicator. Perhaps when XPlite gets out of the beta stage they will have a fix for you.
Thing is (and somebody please correct me if im wrong)
But you need Internet Explorer installed in order to be able to use Windows Update
I heard that too...also, many sites work best with IE.
IE6 and Windows Explorer

Both IE and Windows Explorer use most of the same code, the only -real- difference is that one is designed to interact with the internet, and the other is designed to interact with your hard drive. Most of it is in the same code base though, as such completely eliminating it is, as was stated, impossible. Really though it just shouldn't matter that much. If you don't like IE use something else, it's not like it takes up some massive amount of space or something.
This isn't for XP but if someone wants to do a clean install of IE here is an older version of IEradicator that gets more files than the newer one listed at

Download IEradicator and IE6. Run IEradicator and click on your modem icon to connect to the web (you will not have a browser). Click the IE6 icon that you downloaded and it will connect you to MS and do a clean install.
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