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IE6 freezes on Win2K, won't close

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I'm running IE6 SP1 on Win2K SP4. When I open IE it starts normally, then after a few seconds freezes. At that time the Task Mangler show that IE is using 99% of CPU resources. After some variable time while the window is frozen, it becomes active again, though it's still using 99% of the CPU and runs very slowly, from 10 to 100 times slower than Opera, which I also use. When I attempt to shut the window, Windows reports that it's not responding. If I shut the window before that first freeze, it closes normally. Using 99% of resources makes the whole computer crawl, of course, though for some reason my mail client (Pegasus) seems little affected.

I also get the dreaded message that IE has encountered an error and must close more often than I'd like, but it's very inconsistent and some days doesn't show up at all.

This has been going on for some time and came on gradually, so it's difficult to reproduce what might have been changed on my machine at the time it started.

Things I commonly have running (but don't need to have running for IE to fail) include Pegasus, vim, Opera, ACDSee, SpyBot and AVG.

Has anyone seen this before? I'd happily just stick with Opera, but some pages, including yours, don't render properly in Opera. Suggestions solicited.

--Jerry Dunham
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How's this for a slow reply?

I was having so much trouble with IE that I quit using it and switched to Opera before I saw a reply. Opera works MUCH better, but there are just some sites that don't work right with anything but IE. I finally came back here, saw the advice, and tried it. I was surprised to find that it works. I have no idea which of the settings fixed the problem because I watched the Task Mangler the whole agonizing time and the meter was always pegged. When I finished IE (and my computer) was still barely responsive and wouldn't close when told to, but a restart of IE showed that SOMEthing in this process succeeded.

IE will never be my default browser again, but at least now I can use it when it's the only thing that will work with a particular page.

Thank you for the excellent advice!

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