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I read other threads and ran Fixwareout.......

The following is the report

Username "Mina" - 11/13/2007 8:10:44 [Fixwareout edited 9/01/2007]

~~~~~ Prerun check

"nameserver"="" <Value cleared.
"nameserver"="," <Value cleared.
"nameserver"="," <Value cleared.
"nameserver"="," <Value cleared.
"DhcpNameServer"="," <Value cleared.
"DhcpNameServer"="," <Value cleared.

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

System was rebooted successfully.

~~~~~ Postrun check
HKLM\SOFTWARE\~\Winlogon\ "System"="kdqxx.exe"
~~~~~ Misc files.
~~~~~ Checking for older varients.

~~~~~ Current runs (hklm hkcu "run" Keys Only)
"Apoint"="C:\\Program Files\\Apoint2K\\Apoint.exe"
"LtMoh"="C:\\Program Files\\ltmoh\\Ltmoh.exe"
"HWSetup"="C:\\Program Files\\TOSHIBA\\TOSHIBA Applet\\HWSetup.exe hwSetUP"
"SVPWUTIL"="C:\\Program Files\\Toshiba\\Windows Utilities\\SVPWUTIL.exe SVPwUTIL"
"TOSHIBA Accessibility"="C:\\Program Files\\TOSHIBA\\Accessibility\\FnKeyHook.exe"
"CeEKEY"="C:\\Program Files\\TOSHIBA\\E-KEY\\CeEKey.exe"
"PadTouch"="C:\\Program Files\\TOSHIBA\\Touch and Launch\\PadExe.exe"
"SmoothView"="C:\\Program Files\\TOSHIBA\\TOSHIBA Zooming Utility\\SmoothView.exe"
"TPNF"="C:\\Program Files\\TOSHIBA\\TouchPad\\TPTray.exe"
"Tvs"="C:\\Program Files\\Toshiba\\Tvs\\TvsTray.exe"
"Pinger"="c:\\toshiba\\ivp\\ism\\pinger.exe /run"
"HP Software Update"="\"C:\\Program Files\\HP\\HP Software Update\\HPWuSchd2.exe\""
"CFSServ.exe"="CFSServ.exe -NoClient"
"QuickTime Task"="\"C:\\Program Files\\QuickTime\\qttask.exe\" -atboottime"
"SiteAdvisor"="C:\\Program Files\\SiteAdvisor\\6172\\SiteAdv.exe"
"AVG7_CC"="C:\\PROGRA~1\\Grisoft\\AVG7\\avgcc.exe /STARTUP"

"TOSCDSPD"="C:\\Program Files\\TOSHIBA\\TOSCDSPD\\toscdspd.exe"
"swg"="C:\\Program Files\\Google\\GoogleToolbarNotifier\\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe"
"Yahoo! Pager"="\"C:\\PROGRA~1\\Yahoo!\\MESSEN~1\\YAHOOM~1.EXE\" -quiet"
"MsnMsgr"="\"C:\\Program Files\\MSN Messenger\\MsnMsgr.Exe\" /background"
"MSMSGS"="\"C:\\Program Files\\Messenger\\msmsgs.exe\" /background"
Hosts file was reset, If you use a custom hosts file please replace it...
~~~~~ End report ~~~~~

Please help

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Hello and Welcome.

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