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IE is giving me a headache

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Hello there people I am trying to fix something on my parents computer. They are using Win98 SE, and everything is theoretically upto date since I updated everything myself. The problem I am having is in Internet Explorer (which is upto date IE6 and just got the recent patch) for the last couple of months is not saving or its changing my setttings in the IE options.
here is what I am talking about. :upset:

--->Internet Options
-------->Advanced (tab)
-----------> Script debugging disabled

I want it to be checked off and I do check it off and then apply it and it works for a bit then it unchecks itself. Is it not saving it permantly or is there a feature disabling(un checking it). Has anyone had this problem or know away of making sure that it stays checked. (hard coded it in the registry even). :confused:

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IE script debugging

Never had this problem don't even now why I would turn that off/on. But could one of the other items that is checked be causing it to chk/unchk itself. Like if you have automatic updates checked or something like that????
IE Headache

That is not a problem but a feature MS put into Win98 SE in order to allow a PC to boot in case a program modifies your registry in a harmful way. What you're seeing is a registry rollback, which changes some settings back after you change them.

That only happens when the PC repeatedly crashes, or it is shut off too many times with the power switch instead of shutting it down normally. That behavior is a symptom of a much larger problem with the PC.
Thanks, I thought as much. My parents ended getting the Nimda virus a ways back. I thought I got it all but it might have done more than I though.
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