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IE Favorites

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Dear Forum Members:

I am reinstalling my OS and wish to save all my favorites & bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

How can save my favorite weblinks and retrieve the information after repairing my laptop?


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Hello Casey :smile:

Internet Explorer
1. Within Internet Explorer click File and select "Import and Export...".

2. On the first page of the Import and Export Wizard, click Next.

3. Click "Export Favorites" and click Next.

4. To back up all favorites, leave the Favorites folder highlighted, and click Next. If you want to back up only certain folders in your favorites, you can select them.

5. Under "Export to a file or address," select the destination to which you wish to save your favorites and click Next. This can be on a hard disk on your computer, on a network drive, or on a removable disk. Even with a lot of favorites, this file is usually small enough to put on a floppy disk.

6. Click Finish. You should get a dialog box that says "Successfully exported favorites" when the file copy is finished.

Click Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > File > Export > Export as a file.

When you have reinstalled File > Import from file

Burn them both to a CD for importing
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