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IE extremely slow startup...

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IE updated recently on our computer from 7 to 8 .
It took a very long time to open (sometimes close to two minutes). When opening it seemed that it was using a ton of resouce judging from the speed of the CPU fan.
We tried to rollback to an earlier date but this did not fix the problem. We went on the Microsoft website and used an IE8 removal tool. Still takes forever for IE to open.
I've been reading about how SyBot and IE Spyad do not work well with IE8 and that t hey cause similar synptoms as what I am experiencing (large resource use on startup etc.)
How do I cure this problem? If I unload SpyBot will this cure it and if so what can I use in Spybots place?

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I downloaded another IE7 from MS and installed it and now it opens the window and after trying to open for about 15 secs it just shuts explorer down.:upset:
Remove IE7 from Add/Remove Programs, it will revert back to IE6. Now how does IE react?
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