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IE and MSN not working...

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Hi, I'm new here and have some really annoying problems with both IE and MSN!

I've been having a problem with Internet Explorer ever since I went to France. I was able to use it for a while when I got there, but then, suddenly, it stopped working. Usually it was able to load the homepage, but then when I tried to browse it would open up a million more browsers with the destination or it would display "page not found." I am now back in the US and was having the same problems earlier today. I did everything I knew how and installed a Microsoft Anti-Spyware software. The software found 39 spywares on my computers and removed them. Now Internet Explorer no longer opens the page; however, I am still not able to browse properly. It opens up more pages that before, but once I try to log-in to or download anything, the "page not found" comes up.

MSN Explorer and MSN Messenger stopped working at around the same time as well. I'm guessing it's because they are somehow related to my Internet Explorer connections or whatnot. I downloaded the newest version of MSN Messenger this afternoon. When I try to connect it says "service temporarily available." I went to OPTIONS then CONNECTIONS to resolve the problem. I ran the Connections Troubleshooter test, but the result came back that there is a problem with my key ports. The error message reads: "Failed to connect to the service. This could be due to improper proxy or firewall settings. Please review your proxy and firewall settings. Proxy settings can be accessed through MSN Messenger Options. For Firewall settings, please see the retailer's instructions."

I have asked numerous people and nobody has any idea what to do. Right now the most important thing to me is MSN Messenger because that is my line of communication to my cousins and friends in Europe. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!!
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Sounds like you got frech viruses :laugh: (j/k)

Please click on greynight's link below and follow the steps.
Yeah you probably got infected with something

Scan your pc with 2 of these free online scanners:
Panda ActiveScan
RAV AntiVirus
Housecall Be sure to put a check the box beside AutoClean

Download / Install / Update / and Run:
Adaware SE check for any updates before running it.
Get the plug-in for fixing VX2 variants. You can download it at this SITE
To run this tool, install to the hard drive, then open Ad-aware->Add-ons and select VX2 Cleaner. Then click Run Tool and OK to start it. If it's clean, it will say Status System Clean. Otherwise, you will have to click on the Clean button to remove the VX2 infection.

Download and install Spybot S&D . Run Spybot and click on the 'Search for Updates' button. Install any updates that are available. Next click on the 'Check for Problems' button. Let it run the scan. If it finds something, check all those in [red]RED[/red] and hit the Fix Selected Problems button. Exit Spybot. If you keep getting the DSO Exploit entries, even after you updated Windows and fixed them, then download the Spybot DSO Exploit Fix and install it over the current Spybot installation.

Also , if you feel you are still infected Download and install: HiJackThis.

(Always create a Folder for HiJackThis anywhere but your Temp/Temporary Internet Folders or Desktop. A good place to make a folder would be in My Documents, as this is where it will save the backup files needed if there's a problem.)

Then doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Do A System Scan And Save Log". Make sure all Windows and Browsers are closed.
When the scan is finished, best to save your text file in the same folder as where you put HiJackthis.

Create a New Topic and include a fresh HJT log in the HiJackThisLog Help Forum and Copy/Paste the info from your saved Hijackthis log file into your new topic.

A Moderator/ Security Team Analyst will give you instructions.


Always describe your problem and any programs you have used to try to resolve your issue. Your description can go a long way to solving/repairing your particular issue.
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hey, thanks! i did what you guys said but i wasnt able to install the updates for windows xp. everytime i tried, i would get an error report. ran all the spyware and anti-virus programs and found a TON of spywares/trojanhorses/etc. but it still didn't fix my problem. i have posted my HijackThis log file in the HijackThis folder.
ok, i am going to go ahead and close this thread, if you need it opened back up, mention it to me in a pm, or mention it in your other thread in the hijackthis log forum.

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