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IE 7 Freezing

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We have recently rolled out 70+ machines to our nationwide branches. These machines are HP Compaq 6000 series.

We are still running hundreds more machines of different hardware and software.

Around the 1st this month, 7 of the new PC's complained that their PC's are freezing whilst on IE and going between webpages etc.

The other machines of the same make, model and OS are all running without error.

I have checked to see that we have not sent out any company software updates, checked that there is no pattern with windows updates and compared these computers updates to those that are working.

This problem occurs every day at different times and seems to follow no pattern of cause. The only pattern I can see, is that where a branch has this problem, all new machines within that branch have this problem. So there is never 1 machine with the problem and 1 machine without the problem in the same office. Its all or nothing.


HP Compaq 6000
Windows XP Pro SP3
IE 7
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