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IE 6 for XP

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I can't view the animated smilies in on my computer, but I know that they work, because they show up just fine when I check what's up while on my dinner break at work... I have no clue what to change to get them to work..... and while your at it, I screwed up and set all *.zip files to open instead of download whenever I click on a link :( I can't find the settings for that either :(

In case you don't know I have a 1.1 Ghz Athlon
256mb RAM
Voodoo 5 5500
120 & 13 GB HD
Sound Blaster LIVE! Value
Farallon Etherware NIC card
Modem Blaster v.92 56K modem
and I'm running Win XP Pro

Thanks in advance guys :)
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I don't have XP but I know in IE6 you can go to INTERNET OPTIONS (several ways to get there- I go through "tools") and on the "ADVANCED" tab under "multimedia" there is a selection for "Play animations in web pages". Turning this off will cause the smileys to just sit there and shut up. Checking the box will light them back up. Hope that's it-
Yup.... it sort of went down how you said.. I disabled everything related to pictures in the multimedia tab, closed IE, opened it up, reenabled everything again, and no the rolling smilie is rolling
Uhhh......... do you mean it works now or not?

and no the rolling smilie is rolling

Was it a typo?
I CAN see animated smilies, but it didn't do jack squat for my *.zip problem.... I can't find settings to make it give me an option anywhere.:(
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