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Ideal 4 HDD layout for Video Editing and some Gaming?

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Hello and thanks in andvanced for any advice given--

I have three Identical 500GB WD SATA HDDs and one 1TB External HDD. And im trying to decide how best to configuer them for my purposes.

I had been using just the two 500's, One as C: drive with Windows and all of my music and pictures and random media on on. The other as my D: drive with my editing software (Avid) and adobe CS as well as all of my games. The external was used to capture my video (i capture lots of 720p HD off of mini DVs, and yes i know MiniDVs are oboslete but my camera is still top-end of quality and i cant afford to drop another 10K, or even more if my accessories arent compatible, on a new one just for the sake of having SSD) but at times i find there are "sync" issues and i suspect that this is caused my the drive simply being too slow (its a maxtor onetouce 1TB)

Now that I have this other 500gb drive maybe I should rethink my layout. would it be ideal to have Windows + Adobe CS + Avid + music + pictures on one Drive 1, Games and doing my direct capture on to Disk 2 (Which would be a Raid0 setup with the other two 500s) and then simply transfer all of my media footage on to my external 1tb rite after im finished capturing it ?

Thinking that if i ever have a failure with the raid0 that it wouldnt really be a big deal. Games can always be reinstalled and none of my important captured video footage would stay on the Raid0 beyond the initial capture.


....Is raid0 actually going to give me any preformance increase when it comes to Video Capture (priority) and maybe even my games? (Skyrim, Warhammer online, dragon age 2, all large games with lots of loading i think) Would it maybe help resove my occasional sync issues?

....Would having my Editing softwares on the same drive as windows hurt my preformance in those programs at all? I dont think it would aside from a teenytiny amount of initial program start time.

T.L.D.R : I have three identical 500GB WD sata HDDs and a 1TB External USB HDD. What is the best (performance wise) setup for my drives when it comes to Video Capturing and some gaming ?

on the mostly-business computer:

6gb ram
asus mobo
620 watt seasonic psu
win7 x64
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In your case I would setup one raid 0 array of two drives (hardware raid) not software
Leave other 500GB to put your OS on and etc
Have your video write back to your Raid 0 array because the performance of raid0 will be better then one drive
Standard RAID levels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1TB for extra stuff and backups just in case anything goes south
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